Abnehmbare Implante

This is simi­lar to a fixed over­den­ture with one clear excep­ti­on. Once the neces­sa­ry num­ber of implants is pla­ced, a bar is atta­ched to the implants to sup­port the denture.

Onlays Restaurierung

An onlay is gene­ral­ly lar­ger and covers one or more cusps of the tooth

Inlays Restaurierung

An inlay is a res­to­ra­ti­on which lies insi­de the cusps of the tooth

Wurzelkanal: Stadium 1

All canals are loca­ted and nego­tia­ted to the tip of the tooth root.

Nicht standardmäßiges Porzellan Veneer

A veneer is a very thin, tooth-colou­red pie­ce of por­ce­lain (like a fal­se fin­ger nail) that is bond­ed on top of your own tooth. 

Weiße Füllungen

Did you know that you can replace any dark metal­lic fil­lings with a white por­ce­lain mate­ri­al, giving your tee­th a more natu­ral appearance?


Metal fil­lings were a popu­lar choice for fil­lings becau­se they last very long.